Light during the darkness of COVID 19

"One day we will resume back to our normal way of life and be able to explore the ourdoors"

In life we try to prepare for emergency situations but COVID 19 came into our lives like a curve ball straight from left field. This pandemic has brought deaths, unstableness, separation, economic despair, discomfort and sadness. We are constantly updated with the number of cases and deaths as well as the appropriate measures we should take to flatten the curve. In difficult times like these, it is hard to stay positive when so much is unknown (eg. how many people will pass away from the virus, how to survive financially, and when all this will end). Feeling that you do not have control of the situation can really take a toll mentally. Instead of describing the darkness of this pandemic, I wanted to share some positives that have come from this hardship.


Social Distancing has brought people to find other methods of communication. For example, Zoom has become the new channel of communication. In my mind it is even better than a phone call as you speak with your loved ones by video, being able to see their face regardless of not being in the same location. More and more people are picking up their phones and taking initiative to reach out to their friends and families. Physical distances has made us realize how much we have taken social gatherings and visits for granted. Sometimes we need to be scrapped from something in our lives to really begin to acknowledge how important socializing and interaction is. Remember to speak with your loved ones because in reality life is too short.


The pandemic has humbled us to appreciate the things in life that actually matter. To value our loved ones. To be thankful for mental, physical and emotional health. For people who are fortunate enough to live under a roof, have food on the table, water to drink, have health care professionals and other workers who constantly put their lives at risk for us , have a government who cares and takes initiative to implement the appropriate measures to prevent the virus from spreading and provide financial help...... we are truly fortunate. Most people do not have these privileges.


Together we make the world great. Health care providers are working night and day to keep us well. Workers in essential businesses go to work every single day in order to provide the community with the necessities needed for every day life. Volunteers show up at Food Banks and organizations to help the public. Besides putting their lives at risk, each and every single individual demonstrates their compassion and courage for our community. Companies, big and small, have taken initiative to produce and deliver hand sanitizers, ventilators and masks for our health care providers. Universities are giving their equipment during this shortage. People in good health are volunteering to shop and deliver groceries to elders. Some grocery stores have opened an hour earlier to have elders and people at risk shop for their necessities. Gyms are offering free classes online for their members so that they can enjoy the workout from the convenience of their homes. As a community, we have come together. Humanity does exist after all.


As some people have more time on their hands. We have taken this time to dig deep and look at alternatives for keeping busy during these times. We have picked up a hobby such as reading, playing an instrument, singing, etc. The hobbies that we have not participated in for a longtime due living a busy and hectic life. We have brought out our inner child by drawing, colouring, watching TV, playing board games, video games and cards as leisure. Individuals have begun to learn a language, skill or take a course online. We are learning ways to relax and cope with down time such as yoga and meditation. People have participated in social media challenges to work towards a goal. In each activity, we activate our neurons, enlight our spirits and learn something new.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Although, there is much uncertainty during this time, it is certain this pandemic will eventually come to an end. What goes down must come up again. We will reach a point where we are economically stable again. There will be a time where we get to see our loved ones once again. Most importantly, we look forward to the day that we survived a pandemic. Stay safe and healthy.

Much love,


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